Hammock Pet Bed


35" x 22" x 8" 42" x 26" x 8" 52" x 32" x 8"


Brindle 3-Year Limited Warranty

The Brindle 3-Year limited warranty guarantees that your Brindle dog bed will be replaced, repaired or refunded at our discretion if it is deemed defective due to faulty workmanship or structural defects.

The warranty does not cover normal changes in softness or resilience that occur over the life of a dog bed. Impressions less than 1.5 inches are normal and not covered under the warranty. Abuse or stains on the cover or bed will void any warranty.

The warranty applies only to the original purchaser. Each customer is limited to one (1) warranty replacement per bed purchase. Brindle shall not be liable for any consequential losses arising from the purchase, installation and/or use of this product.

Care Instructions

To spot clean, simply wipe clean with a damp cloth or sponge. For a more thorough cleaning, wash with a hose or with warm water and soap. Do not machine dry, nylon fabric quickly air dries. Keep away from open flame, sparks or extreme heat. For long term storage or transportation, disassemble and place back in the reusable packaging bag and store in a cool, dry place. The Brindle® Pet Hammock nylon is resistant to UV rays, mold, mildew, flea and mites.